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Jeremy Kennedy here,

There have been many platforms that people have used over the years to have massive success. Specifically many people focus on Facebook, Google, and Youtube. That is for very good reason. Those are platforms that have proven themselves over time.

But they are incredibly saturated.

We often find it difficult to discover new platforms that haven't already been "tainted" by marketers.
We usually find ourselves jumping in after the fact.

Today I am going to share with you something very special.

I have been extremely focused on what I am about to share with you for some time now. What you are about to discover can literally change your life.

I am going to show you how these strategies are making over $119,539.30 a MONTH!!!


That is no joke.

Do you like recurring income? I love it.

A marketer I have high regards for once said:
"If the money is not recurring, it is not occurring."

What a great point of view.

If you do not have the amount of money that you want coming in like clockwork every month then you need to check this out.

Look at what I did with just a couple of hours
of work using these strategies...


Plus, I am going to show you a different case study of how I made even more
using yet another tactic around this platform.

That's the beauty of this...

There are SOOO many ways you can profit from this.
I am literally just scratching the surface with what is possible even with the success I have had!

Let's tackle the elephant in the room...

The big question you are probably asking yourself is what is the platform that I am using?

Well first, you'll be blown away that I'm doing all this with a 100% free platform.

It is a free tool known as “Slack”.

Usually, people describe Slack as a "messaging system for teams/companies".
That sounds pretty bland but it could be the furthest thing from the truth.

It’s quickly becoming the most widely used team communication app for business startups, and well… you’ll see.

I recently went to a live marketing conference and out of the 2 dozen or so people that I asked, about 80% are currently using this app for one thing or another.

But I'm using it in a very unusual kind of way.

See, Slack is more than just a communications tool.

It is has an app/bot directory where hundreds of other done-for-you apps and bots that team owners can install into their channels that can automate endless processes and events & communication in your business.

You can even create your own apps & bots with their robust API if you want (completely optional).

It's absolutely incredible what you can do with this thing.

Here's where it gets interesting...

One day I was poking around on Slack and I accidentally discovered this entire realm of people that use Slack in a way most people haven’t heard of before.

They’ve created these private/public niche communities using Slack chat rooms.

And I discovered that there are hundreds of these groups, with even multiple thousands of members in them spread across dozens of niches.


I realized that, holy cow, I just discovered a gold mine!

These groups and communities are growing faster every day.

It's still an EXTREMELY new concept so right now you have the potential to literally dominate any niche you choose with very minimal effort if you follow my strategies.

You can actually create your own community.
Free.. Today… Right now.

And you absolutely won’t believe how powerful this is going to be for you.

It’s already being done. This is not theory.
There is insane money being made with these communities.

Today I’m going to expose it all to you and show you how to easily create your own profit enabled Slack community before you go to sleep tonight.

I’ll show you how to set it up.
What apps you NEED to have installed.
What apps to AVOID installing.

And most importantly, multiple strategies you can use to start making money with it ASAP. Not just one way. This can give you MULTIPLE streams of income from just one place.

I'm going to expose it all to you today.

Whether or not you have used the platform is irrelevant.
What matters is I have the roadmap to a process that simply works.

Can you handle directions? Do you like something that is 100% free to do?

Is it ok that you don’t need a website or email list to start with this?

This works in any niche and from anywhere in the world.
You don’t need to have any experience or quite frankly any skill level.

I am a regular guy that was fortunate enough to see the incredible potential.
Now you can do the same.

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Best wishes,
Jeremy Kennedy
Jeremy Kennedy
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